Platform Beds - Cheap Modern Contemporary Bed

 Platform beds – even the name sounds great. A bed on a platform. On a pedestal. Who wouldn't want to sleep on a pedestal? They can be elegant, expansive, and very comfortable. And they live up to their promise. There are all sorts of possibilities. From a budget bed for less than the price of a traditional bed with a box spring - all the way up to the top of the line super modern giant beds, custom made in the material of your choice, designed to make a statement.

The primary difference between a platform bed and a normal bed is that the normal bed needs a box spring sitting on top of the frame to support the mattress. A platform bed doesn't. There are many types and designs and sizes platform beds in all budget ranges. You're sure to find exactly what you 're looking for.


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Platform beds vary from plain and basic to large and stylish. The simplest platform beds are just that – a mattress on a raised platform. From there they increase in style and size to large - even custom made - California King beds with storage compartments in the platform and the headboard.

There are platform beds that are made of high quality finished hard woods that can add style to any bedroom. They can become the center piece of the room. Matching dressers and mirrors complete the look. Many of these can have matching or attached night stands.

These beds offer great support. The mattress rests on a solid platform instead of a box spring or metal slats. No more concern about feeling the metal through the mattress. They're designed for just about any type of mattress, even a waterbed mattress. Since there is no box spring, the room is available to be used for storage. It can either be an open space beneath the bed or a built-in storage system. A bed with a significant open space beneath it gives the bedroom an open, airy, luxurious feel.



Although you can spend a lot of money on a platform bed that's also a beautiful piece of furniture, you can also buy one for less than a normal bed if you're on a tight budget. Platform beds start at less than a hundred dollars. Not having to buy a separate headboard and box spring makes a big difference. And you still get the benefit of storage space beneath the bed.

There are tons of cheap platform beds, modern platform beds, contemporary platform beds in different size like king, queen, full, twin and in colors like white, black and styles like leather, with drawers, for kids and other inexpensive items on sale from brands like South Shore and others.

Platform beds typically come with more contemporary styling, offering a low-profile bed and sleek design. They often include built-in night stands. Many fine beds are made from dark hard woods, such as cherry or mahogany. It's become quite popular recently to use dark colors such as rich cappuccino or espresso. Add matching dressers and you have a great bedroom set, one that you'll be proud to own for years to come. They are also available in traditional lighter woods like maple. You have a lot more room for creativity when designing a platform bed, and this shows in the large variety of beds available.

Platform beds are a great alternative to more traditional frame beds with a box spring mattress. The variety of styles and prices, as well as the richness of the high quality hard woods, combine to allow you to create exactly the look you want for your bedroom.